Shock Octopus combine art rock and activism with ‘Life On A Pier’

After a full-circle journey as a band, 2020 has inspired Perth alt-rock group Shock Octopus to start creating again. 

Ahead of the release of their new EP Enter The Exit, Shock Octopus delivered an exciting new single Life On A Pier. With the EP now out, the tune still stands as a massive turning point for the group. 

Shock Octopus

Grappling with the topic of climate change and environmental disaster is no easy feat, but Shock Octopus strive to do just that, exuding the darkness of climate grief on Life On A Pier

To see the environment suffering right before your eyes while ignored by many is a most prominent wake-up call. Michael Bayliss created the single’s entire song arrangement from scratch on the keyboard, before the rest of the band joined him to bring the track to life.

While its frantic energy reminds you of experimental alt-rock of the 1980s, Shock Octopus makes the addition of far more densely purposeful lyrics, showcasing a eulogy for our planet as we generate the devastations of climate change for personal gain. 

Shock Octopus present a sonic vision which encapsulates the idea of never standing still, creating multi-layered arrangements which ooze an experimental force with every bound. Vocally, you may be reminded of David Byrne; however, there is undoubtedly an art-rock edge with Arcade Fire coming to mind. 

Shock Octopus has been through an insane and transformative journey since their humble beginnings in 2010, taking on many forms and fulfilling various goals over the years. Their EP Enter the Exit  brings together both the old and new, using their vast and complex arrangements to convey pressing issues of activism, along with an inescapably powerful sound.


Enter the Exit is out now.