‘Sims’ is getting its own reality TV show and good god it looks awful

The Sims Spark’d is a new reality TV show where the world’s best in the game come together to show off their creations and compete.

Who remembers The Sims? That video game where you created your own simulated world. Freaky fucking shit!

Well, if it wasn’t weird enough, the game has branched out into new markets in 2020, with a new reality television show coming to TBS in mid-July.

It’s like MasterChef except instead of baking dishes for people to judge, the competitors feed simulated characters in a computer screen. Sounds fucking fucked to us!

The Sims Spark’d is a joint production between TBS and Buzzfeed Multiplayer, and will be judged by a panel of three experts in the field. There’s YouTube creator Kelsey Impicciche, Sims voice actor Tayla Parx, and longtime Sims developer Dave ‘SimGuruNinja’ Miotke.

Set to premiere on July 17th, the four-episode series aims to bring together “the most unique characters, worlds and stories” from the Sims 4 online game. The 12 carefully selected players will work under constraints, and judged on their creativity. The TV show aims to boost the reputation and following of those with an online presence in The Sims world.

“It can feel daunting if you don’t know about a game like The Sims, and you go see these people make something amazing on YouTube.”

But the producers have ensured their potential audience, that it isn’t just watching someone on a computer screen. You’ll soon see if you’re brave enough to suss The Sims Spark’d out for yourself.

“It’s not the same as watching something catch fire in a kitchen. But you do get a lot of surprising drama out of ‘Oh gosh, how am I going to make this thing do what I want? And how am I going to do it in time?’ The creative process is still exposed in a way that feels really compelling.”