Explore a to-scale recreation of Berlin as a kind bus driver in ‘The Bus’

The Bus is a driving simulator unlike any other, letting you hit the precisely replicated roads of Berlin with one mission – kindness.

We’ve all got a little wanderlust lately and everybody has a different way of dealing with it (like scrolling through a simulation of the entire deep sea), but The Bus might just be one of the most wholesome options out there. If Germany’s on your checklist of travel destinations, this could be the perfect game for you.

There are plenty of games out there that let you drive buses, usually in the pursuit of chaos as you knock down civilians and drive through public infrastructure without even blinking twice. That blind chaos is quite the opposite of what The Bus wants from prospective drivers.

The Bus video game berlin

The game is described on Steam as “the next generation of city bus driving simulation”, with a much more realistic take than previous titles in the genre. You’re not here for destruction. Rather, your aim is to manage your fleet of buses across the city and transport passengers to different locations.

What makes The Bus impressive, however, is that it’s not just any city you’re driving around in – it’s Berlin. Not any half-assed imitation of Berlin either, but a 1:1 scaled recreation of the city.

If your heart’s been yearning for a European holiday that you can’t safely take amidst a pandemic, The Bus is here to let you explore the historical streets of Berlin from the sweet comfort of your bedroom. It’s like wistfully walking the city’s lanes on Google Street View, but a touch more engaging.

The Bus is a refreshing change from games that recreate cities for sole purpose of crime and destruction, instead simply letting you drive the rounds at a leisurely pace, helping citizens go about their lives. You can even team up with other drivers online for a hint of social interaction.

The game was developed by TML-Studios and published by Aerosoft, who both have a long history of specialising in driving and flying simulators. It can be found on Steam now, where it’s currently receiving ‘very positive’ reviews, so you know exactly where to head if you’re after some relaxed escapism.

The Bus is still in the first stage of early access, however, so don’t expect it to be running flawlessly just yet. Road rage is not welcome here.