Sky in July unveil their charmingly laid-back new EP Home

Sky in July have supplied us with their highly anticipated EP Home, a project which we’re stoked to mark with the ‘Happy Seal of Approval’.

For this release—their second since the band’s formation in surf-rock’s coastal epicentre, the Gold Coast—Sky in July slow down the pace, reminding us to stop and enjoy the little things.

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Stacked with spacey guitar and keyboard sounds, Sky in July’s latest EP is sure to please surf-psychedelia fans just in time for the warmer months of the year.

The EP’s penultimate track Sunny Day is the perfect example of the band’s low-key attitude to songwriting, allowing a mixture of modulated, flangey keys to soar over some wonderfully carefree vocals which express a simple love for the sunshine.

It is clear, however, that amidst their relaxed and joyful rhythms, there are also some more sombre tones. Sky in July are masters at capturing the sounds of nostalgia, lamenting, as the EP’s title suggests, how good it is to be home and what it means to be back in a place of sentimental familiarity.

The second track, The Lonely Hermit, is a sensitive venture into the quiet anxieties of the recluse as “he waits for his great wife”. The track paints a colourful picture of a wanderer who despite not knowing what the next day will bring, goes on wandering. It’s also an obscure jam that is strangely enchanting with its pitch-bending clavicle keyboards that remind us to dismiss the sometimes precarious road ahead and just boogie it out.

Sky in July have found the ultimate freedom in their flower-power surf-pop jams, which is sure to trigger inner urges to hit the beach closest to home and pop their new EP on a much-welcomed repeat cycle.

Have a listen to the new EP below and get around them on Facebook for more ripper releases like this one to come.