Slayyyter: Crafting Dark ’90s Club Aesthetics with “Erotic Electronic”

Slayyyter, the self-made pop artist, has once again pushed the boundaries of her sound with “Erotic Electronic.”

There is no one quite like Slayyyter; her dance floor sensibilities are out of this world. She has nailed the dark allure of ’90s club floors, conjuring a hint of Madonna at her peak and mixing it with the alluring sexiness of Gwen Stefani-like vocals on the chorus, all while infusing the track with the rock-raw edge reminiscent of N.E.R.D. In essence, “Erotic Electronic” stands as a pinnacle of dance perfection.

This bold club anthem, the third single from her upcoming second studio album, STARFUCKER, takes listeners onto a gritty dance floor, and wraps them in a sense of nostalgia while injecting a modern sensuality that’s uniquely Slayyyter.

Slayyyter has a knack for bringing you into her world, the track’s bouncing synth beats paired with Slayyyter’s sultry vocals, murmuring “I wanna have some fun,” add an air of seduction that pulls you in wholly, and might we add happily.

The accompanying music video, co-directed by Slayyyter herself, immerses us in the nocturnal escapades of her album’s character, set against the glitzy yet seedy backdrop of Hollywood Boulevard. It’s a fitting visual accompaniment to the dark and sensuous vibe of the song.

Slayyyter explains her inspiration for “Erotic Electronic” by referencing her experiences touring in Europe. The electronic music scene she encountered there has clearly left its mark, as the track exudes an edgy, almost underground ambiance.

This release follows “Miss Belladonna,” where Slayyyter showcased her ability to meld assertive production and club beats with a more professional edge. “Erotic Electronic,” however, ventures further into uncharted territory, proving Slayyyter’s willingness to evolve her sound and experiment with different sonic textures.

“Erotic Electronic” is a testament to Slayyyter’s evolution as an artist. While her music has always contained sexual undertones, this track marks a shift towards a more mature and cinematic approach. It’s a departure from her previous works in terms of both sound and thematic exploration, showing a deeper layer of her creative persona.

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