Sledgehammer Honey drop potent, punchy and raw new single ‘Headcase’

Sledgehammer Honey have hit the ground running with their potent, punchy, and raw new single Headcase.

Sledgehammer Honey is an alternative rock band based around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, comprised of brothers Daniel, Hayden and James Anderson and Aussie McGain. Infusing their music with a wide range of styles and embracing an exploration of genres that revolve around pop rock, heavy rock, alternative and melodic ballads, they’ve created a dynamic musical fusion together that just hits right. Their aim is to create a unique point of difference within their songs, and they have been working hard to produce a sound that resonates with lovers of catchy hooks and powerful melodic compositions.

They released three studio singles in 2022 and their latest track Headcase, their heaviest track to date, is a stark contrast to their previous release, kicking things off hot and heavy for 2023. 

SledgeHammer Honey
Credit: Press

Starting off with an absolutely killer distorted electric guitar riff that comes pounding in with fierce gusto, Headcase is an instantly addictive track. The raw and grunge-like raspy vocals give off strong Eddie Vedder tones and seep into a bleak and rough atmosphere that is infused by a dark melody and angst-ridden lyrics. Rejecting a polished sound, the boys from Sledgehammer Honey use this song as a soundscape to inject a lovesick-outcry. The pounding and crashing sounds of the drums make up a dynamic background to accompany the punchy, passionate and assertive melody and vocal expression.

With a melting, loose guitar solo, it’s a track you can lose yourself to, let the emotions and sounds seep through your body and explode them out through hard moshing.

Reminding listeners of Silverchair, these Aussie locals are taking elements of grunge and rock legends and turning their inspiration into their own hypnotic banger.

Check it out below and get rowdy with Sledgehammer Honey!