Smith's have just announced lamington flavoured chips

Smith’s have just announced lamington flavoured chips

Criminals of flavour, Smith’s, have announced the release of a new chip variety that takes cringeworthy disgust to a whole new level. Think of probably the worst thing you could add to a slice of oven-baked, salty potato… are you thinking of lamingtons yet? Well, Smith’s have unforgivably gone and made it a thing.

‘Strewth what a beaut’, or so Smith’s say in a piece of an unashamedly Australianised advertising. But when thinking of the word ‘beaut’, lamington-flavoured chips are not the first thing to come to mind, funnily enough.

According to a spokesperson for the Smith’s company, the new flavour is set to line supermarket shelves from the 1st of January next year, making just one more thing to add to your new year’s resolution list of things never to do again.

But perhaps we’re being a little too skeptical; the opposers of change without even giving the poor chips a chance. Remember when Smith’s ran a competition to see what new flavours the Australian public could come up with? I’m sure there were way more diabolical mixtures of ingredients in some of the quarter-million submissions that were made to the competition back in 2009.

Whatever this crude mix of a classic Aussie dessert and chips ends up being like, no doubt it was comprehensively tried and tested by the almighty chip engineers at Smiths at some point. So why not brave the monster that is Smith’s lamington-chips. It won’t kill you… probably.