Indie darling Snail Mail delivers ‘Valentine Demos’ EP alongside new gem ‘Easy thing’

In a nostalgic nod to the past, Snail Mail, is set to unveil a special treat for fans.

Commemorating the second anniversary of her lauded album “Valentine,” Snail Mail, the musical brainchild of Lindsey Jordan, is poised to release the “Valentine Demos” EP.

This EP offers a rare glimpse into the genesis of the 2021 masterpiece, featuring four early stripped-down renditions of tracks that found their place on “Valentine.” Among them is the previously shared gem, ‘Adore You’ (originally christened as ‘Valentine’), alongside the never-before-heard treasure, ‘Easy Thing.’

In her own words, Lindsey Jordan reflects on this intimate journey, stating, “Without further ado, here are the demo versions of some of the songs that would become integral to the making of Valentine.”

Transporting us back over three years, she paints a vivid picture of her creative cocoon, nestled within her parents’ home in Maryland, armed with nothing but a minilogue synth, an interface, a microphone, and a trusty guitar.

It’s from this sanctuary that the seeds of her second full-length record were sown. Jordan confesses a certain fondness for these demos, drawn to their unguarded intimacy, revealing, “I prefer some of the demos to what actually came out on the record because of how intimate and solitary the process was. You can kind of hear me crying in one of them. Maybe two actually haha.”

“Valentine” was a magnum opus that sent ripples through the music world, earning Snail Mail a well-deserved place in the annals of musical brilliance. Garnering accolades from esteemed publications like The New York Times, Vogue, and Rolling Stone, the album was hailed as “exquisite,” its sharpness and passion lauded by Pitchfork as “Best New Music.”

The New York Times, enraptured, praised it as a “remarkable second album…alive with such crackling and revelatory emotion.” Meanwhile, the i hailed it as a “truly satisfying album of 10 perfectly crafted tracks,” and Crack declared it “doesn’t so much touch you as it does completely eviscerate you.” The album’s impact was quantified by its chart performance, seizing the #1 spot on the Billboard Emerging Artist Chart and securing a respectable #61 position in the Billboard Top 200 in the US. Across the pond, it found itself nestled within the Top 40 album charts in both the UK and Australia.

As the release date for the “Valentine Demos EP” approaches, fans can anticipate an intimate auditory experience that promises to further illuminate the creative journey behind one of modern music’s standout albums. It’s a rare chance to hear the artist’s raw emotions and unfiltered vulnerability, preserved in these early recordings, and it’s bound to be nothing short of a musical revelation.

Valentine Demos EP” drops on November 3rd courtesy of Matador and Remote Control, available both digitally and in the beloved vinyl format.