Snake Valley ignite a garage-rock explosion on their debut album ‘Giddy Up!’

On their debut album, Snake Valley trace garage-rock through spaces you never thought it would touch. Developed, angsty, and brilliant, Giddy Up! is an album to satisfy your gig cravings.

When you hear the name Snake Valley, what comes to mind? The grit of the wild west, burning sun, and rattlesnakes, probably. But piercing garage-rock? Not in a million years. Luckily for us, what the Melbourne five-piece serve up is so much better than could ever be expected.

Snake Valley’s debut album is one of the few out there that actually does their live show justice. Acidic in every sense of the word, it is an opus of everything garage-rock stands for: ferocious sonic, intense energy, and utterly addictive riffs.

snake valley giddy up!

Opening with a riff that could ignite any venue, the record is gradually fleshed out through burning instrumentation, raw vocals, and jagged guitar licks that pierce straight through the mix. Giddy Up! hits the perfect balance between dark and dirty garage energy, tight rhythms, and even tighter melodies.

“Officially forming in Ballarat in 2018 after jamming and the end of their old high-school bands, Snake Valley are now known for their high energy, offering a crazy intense live performance that has gracefully earned them a name as key players in Melbourne’s local music scene,” the band’s bio reads. “Punky and unforgiving — Snake Valley’s new album pays homage to the intensity of their live performance, with huge production elements that serves as a subtle nod towards their creative journey.”


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The album itself teeters on the edges of indie in New Age Slavery, psychedelia in The Addiction Clock, and post-rock throughout, while still containing itself in the four walls of garage. At its core, Giddy Up! is an off-kilter, punk-rock fusion jam, re-imagining ’00s garage ferocity with a perfectly-blended Australiana veneer. The Melbourne group have blended the best parts of the contemporary scene into a gut-punching collection that doesn’t stray from their sonic core.

Giddy Up! is available on all streaming platforms. Grab your limited edition 12’ LP here.