Everything you need to know about Pixy, the Snapchat drone!

Everything you need to know about Pixy, the Snapchat drone!

Snapchat is delving into the hardware space again with Pixy, the pocket-sized drone guaranteed to get the best angles for all your Snapchat content.

Once upon a time in 2016, Snapchat decided to drop random vending machines around America that contained “exclusive” Snapchat Spectacles, which caused a lot of stir. Now, they’re going one step further with a Snapchat drone.

The team at Snapchat are truly thinking outside of the box. The Snapchat drone called Pixy will be available in the US and France starting this week and will cost you $230 USD.

The puck-shaped drone with four propellers will take off from your hand and automatically follow you around while sending videos back to your phone.

snapchat drone
Image: Snapchat drone Pixy / Snapchat

Saying that it automatically follows you around is an exaggeration. The drone has six pre-programmed flight paths that users will select from a physical dial on top of it. Once it takes off from your open palm, Pixy will fly through the path and land again in your hand.

Snapchat Spectacles is one thing, but why would the company explore hardware again with a Snapchat drone? Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO, has some answers.

Spiegel’s answer was, “Because we’re a camera company,“. He continued: “Our mission is to empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together. And this product does exactly that.”.

There are a bunch of similar “follow me” drones currently available on the market that range in price from $550 to $4,000. Pixy appears to have been developed to be significantly more accessible but also an appropriate stepping stone for those wanting to explore drones.

pixy snapchat drone
Image: Snapchat drone Pixy / Snapchat

Pixy comes with a 12MP camera that can shoot either 100 videos or 1,000 photos before its 16GB internal drive is full. Snapchat says that the drone will last five to eight flights that range from 10 to 20 seconds.

Compared to other small drones, the Snapchat drone is definitely struggling. There are additional batteries that Snapchat enthusiasts can purchase as well as a portable dual-battery charger.

Is Pixy a gimmick, or is it a stepping stone for more Snapchat drones to be developed in the future? Time will tell.