Snoop Dogg lists all the places he's gotten high at on live TV

Snoop Dogg lists all the places he’s gotten high at on live TV

Snoop Dogg started 2021 off with a bang, sharing some of the wild places he’s blazed up in on national television.

To be frank, CNN’s coverage of the New Year’s countdown was chaos. Anderson Cooper was plastered, the morals were loose, and Snoop Dogg jumped on air to answer some probing questions.

In a now-viral video, the Doggfather shared some of the many places that he’s sparked up in while the CNN hosts pissed themselves laughing.

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What a way to start off a new year! Audiences now have a new list of green acres to try out and two-minutes of impeccable television to accompany. Being the amazing sport that he is, Snoop rattled off a number of venues that he had or hadn’t smoked up at while being brutally quizzed by host Andy Cohen. Cohen’s co-host, Anderson Cooper, was in shambles by the end of the interview.

“At the Oscars?” Cohen asked the rapper. “I’ve never been to the Oscars but when I do, you better know that I will,” Snoop replied. “Have you gotten high on CNN?” he was asked again, to which the artist responded: “No, but in front of the CNN building on Sunset Boulevard I have.” 

Other prominent locations include the White House, a bar mitzvah, and the DMV. “What is happening?” Cooper giggled while falling to pieces in the corner.

Dive into the chaos below: