Soundwhale is the remote collaboration tool you’ve been waiting for
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Soundwhale is the remote collaboration tool you’ve been waiting for

Collaborating remotely has never been easier, and it’s just become even more so with Soundwhale, a new remote audio collaboration platform with video sync.

Leaving behind the days of lagging, jittery, or over-compressed streams and delays which kill creativity, the platform aims to create an environment of seamless, synchronous collaboration, in an easy-to-use suite.soundwhale remote audio collaboration

Soundwhale is the perfect platform for remote collaboration, for everything from songwriting to creating podcasts to giving lessons, all in an accessible interface.

The great thing about Soundwhale is it’s made for all types of users – for those with little studio experience, to the most experienced of audio engineers.

The platform promises users the ability to join virtual sessions where they can take turns in creating material for the same project, integrating all their favourite software to enhance production experience.

With the ability to make instant changes and stream uncompressed audio, the platform aims to create an environment where you can comfortably listen, record, and communicate, ultimately promoting easy collaboration.

The creators of the platform suggests some uses include writing songs, giving mix feedback, recording voice-overs, giving lessons, creating podcasts, and managing complex production tasks. Then, of course, those with more experience can connect and stream from Pro Tools, or their favourite DAW, even remotely controlling MIDI-powered instruments.

“Soundwhale grew out of a deep frustration with remote collaboration tools for audio,” describes Soundwhale founder and longtime audio engineer Ameen Abdulla. “I needed things to work with and for clients, and nothing did.” So Abdulla decided to build Soundwhale instead.

Soundwhale is currently available via iOS and macOS as a monthly subscription.

For more information head over to the website.