Save the date: Wednesday 24th April, Kobie Dee’s South East Block Party is taking over the streets

Maroubra is slowly but surely becoming a vital hub on the South East coast of Sydney, all thanks to Kobie Dee and his South East Block Party

Inspired by an empty lot, and let’s be honest, we love a good empty lot—the kind that exists specifically for this very reason—to incite inspiration, that creates the space to imagine what’s possible.

Where would we be without them, and even more poignantly, where would we be without the visionaries that make shit happen? Case in point, Kobie Dee, who is leading the charge by kicking off his fourth installment of the South East Block Party next week.

south east block party

As anticipation builds for the fourth South East Block Party, Maroubra is buzzing with excitement. Scheduled for Wednesday, April 24th, at Coral Sea Park on Bigjigal Land, the event is a collaborative effort between Kobie Dee, Weave Youth & Community Services, and Randwick Council.

The lineup for South East Block Party 2024 is impressive, featuring the best from Sydney’s music scene.  Kobie Dee will hit the stage to perform his latest single drop ‘Warriors & Storytellers‘, alongside  JK-47,  PANIA, THAT GURL BELLA, Minty and Stephen Wilson, and the return of LIL ART, and yes – with a line up this good, block party goers are in for a treat.

For Maroubra residents, the Block Party is more than just a music festival—it’s a symbol of community spirit and resilience.

Kobie Dee emphasizes the significance of the event: “This marks our fourth South East Block Party, a milestone for our community. I look forward to seeing everyone there for a day of live music, good food, and family-friendly activities.”

Save the date: Wednesday, April 24th, from 3-7 pm at Coral Sea Park. Let’s come together to celebrate our community and enjoy a memorable day of music and entertainment.

More info here.

Buy or Stream ‘Warriors & Storytellers’ here.