Nostalgic for video game music? Check out Square Enix Music for free

Square Enix Music is a brand new YouTube channel that gives fans access to a treasure trove of incredible JRPG soundtracks (Final Fantasy, NieR, Chrono Trigger) for free.

Square Enix Music (type it into YouTube and see) has just launched, and it’s a fantastic resource for video game lovers worldwide. Essentially, it’s a free music library that features some of the most iconic video game soundtracks of all time.

Obviously, Square Enix Music only contains music from the Japanese developer/publisher’s own catalogue. However, considering what games are included in that collection, it’s a mightily impressive channel as it is.

square enix music free
Image: Secret of Mana / Square Enix

The series fans will be most excited to dive into the music of include: Final Fantasy, Mana, Chrono, NieR and SaGa. That said, there are a bunch of lesser-known gems hidden amongst the big hitters (Octopath Traveller, anyone?).

Each game series has been organised into its own section, with each title being assembled into a playlist. Some of these playlists are huge; the Final Fantasy VII Remake playlist has over 150 individual tracks for your listening pleasure.

So it goes without saying that the Square Enix Music YouTube Channel houses an immense amount of video game music.

It should be noted that some of these soundtracks were already available on streaming platforms such as Spotify. What makes the Square Enix Music YouYoutube channel so exciting, though, is that it’s entirely free. No lock-in subscription fee is necessary, no purchase cost at all.

It’s also probably true that no video game developer/publisher has been responsible for a more significant number of iconic video game soundtracks than Square Enix.

Our list of the 25 greatest video game soundtracks of all time included only two titles from Square Enix, but if I’m honest, that was because we were trying to spread the love. Hell, we didn’t even have Final Fantasy VII on the list (which is a special kind of madness in retrospect).

So forgive us our past transgressions friends, and please, bask in the nostalgic glow of Square Enix Music YouTube. You won’t regret it.