Square Enix Presents: the buzziest updates from the March 2021 livestream

The first ever ‘Square Enix Presents’ digital event has debuted with new looks at the next Life is Strange, Marvel’s Avengers, the freshly-titled Forspoken, and much more.

Square Enix has made their debut in the ever expanding world of live digital gaming showcases with ‘Square Enix Presents’, their new livestream series providing news and updates on both upcoming and released games.

The publisher has come in hot with their first stream, with massive Life is Strange news coming in alongside notable updates on OutridersMarvel’s Avengers and the now-titled Forspoken.

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Screenshot: Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange

Square Enix teased the world premiere of an all-new Life is Strange game with their announcement of the digital event, but that’s not all that fans of the critically-acclaimed franchise were treated to during the 40-minute livestream.

The Life is Strange Remastered Collection has also been announced, with a re-release of both the original Life is Strange from 2015 and its 2017 prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm coming to Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One later this year. Square Enix has said players can expect “vastly improved character animation using full facial mo-cap performance”, alongside other engine and lighting upgrades.

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Image: Life is Strange

As promised, the next game in the franchise was revealed with a trailer. Life is Strange: True Colors is a brand new story following Alex Chen, a young Asian-American woman who learns to use her psychic ability of empathy to uncover the mystery of her brother’s death.

Unlike past Life is Strange games, which were released as episodes, Square Enix and Deck Nine will release True Colours all at once on September 10. You will also be able to get your hands on the aforementioned remasters on this date if you buy the Ultimate Edition (though you’ll have to wait until later in the year if you want to buy them separately).


Previously referred to as Project Athia, this original upcoming game announced at PlayStation’s June 2020 PS5 reveal event has now found an official title: Forspoken. This upcoming action-adventure by Luminous Productions will be a PS5 console exclusive when it’s released in 2022; with a release on Windows PC following eventually.

The new trailer was introduced by Ella Balinska, who will feature as the game’s protagonist Frey Holland. You might recognise her from the 2019 Charlie’s Angels movie, where she flaunted her training in the use of all sorts of weapons at the Academy of Performance Combat. It’s magic, however, that you’ll see her learning to use in this narrative-driven adventure through the “stunningly beautiful, but also cruel and deadly” land of Athia.


Outriders got not one, but two new trailers during ‘Square Enix Presents’, providing a deeper look into People Can Fly‘s third-person RPG shooter for those who haven’t played the free demo. The game is set for release on Google Stadia, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X all on April 1, becoming available on Xbox Game Pass that very day.

The first video, titled Appreciate Power, is a thrilling CGI story trailer showing all kinds of different monsters you will fight, on the hostile planet of Enoch.

The second trailer is a six-minute deep dive, This is Outriders [101], which provides details about the story campaign, loot and role-playing systems in the game.

Marvel’s Avengers 

The next-gen launch of Marvel’s Avengers has now arrived for PS5 and Xbox Series X, with a new trailer detailing the upgrades and providing a look at the latest DLC, Operation Hawkeye – Future Imperfect.

Square Enix revealed a whole content roadmap for 2021 during the livestream, with the highlight being the introduction of Black Panther in a new reveal trailer. The War for Wakanda expansion can be expected some time in the latter half of the year.

Square Enix does themselves proud

‘Square Enix Presents’ was an action-packed livestream, also including Tomb Raider‘s 25th anniversary announcements, the confirmation of a Just Cause mobile game, a new Hitman mobile game teaser, and the announcement of a new AR Space Invaders mobile game.

Square Enix has distinguished itself as a notable player in the pack of game publishers making some seriously exciting announcements via digital presentations; so in our opinon it’s probably worth keeping an eye out for their future livestreams.