$5000 rooms at Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ hotel fail to attract guests

Disney World’s Star Wars-themed hotel in Florida is failing to attract patrons according to Disney’s availability calendar. Yet the Galactic Starcruiser hotel only has 100 rooms.

Having opened two weeks ago, the hotel has availabilities almost every day in August, September, October, November and December, and on some weekends in June and July.

This may have something to do with the cost. Guest must book a two-night stay. For two adults, the starting price is roughly US $5000. The prices only go up from there. Yikes!

The first passengers/guests arrive for their two-day stay on March 1. Image courtesy: Getty Images.

The hotel doubles as an immersive live-action role-playing game.

Actors in Star Wars costumes interact with guests and encourage them to undertake various quests, which is fantastic for the little bubs with no social filter but may be a bit harder for adults who may feel self-conscious. Wait no, what am I talking about? These are Star Wars fans after all!

Guests can enjoy an “excursion” to the planet Batuu, aka “Star Wars” land within Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. There’s even lightsaber training!

Yes, in this Star Wars crazy world of memorabilia, toys, endless trilogies and spinoff television shows, you can now essentially live inside a movie (at least for two nights anyway).

It’s a lot of money when you consider the reviews that have surfaced online. The rooms are apparently small and the facilities limited – no pool and no spa, for instance. The “windows” are really screens replicating outer space, meaning the rooms are rather like, well, a nuclear bunker/survivalist shelter. So where does your money go?

It seems the cost is more about the experience than the rooms themselves, but it’s still an awful lot to pay to play out a fantasy.