Start your Australia Day booze training nice and early this weekend at these 4 gigs

Even though Christmas and New Years are now a distant, headachey memory, we are still in the midst of the Great Australian Summer meaning there is still plenty of revelry to partake in. Australian Day is just a few weeks away and there’s no point ‘saving’ yourself for it, you need to do some conditioning / booze training so that you’ll be in prime form for the big day. Do so at these four gigs this weekend. And please, remember not to be a dickhead.

Ocean Alley live

Start your Australia Day celebrations real early this year at these 4 killer gigs around the country, all pulled from the very very useful Happy Gig Guide.

Ocean Alley – The Brightside, Brisbane, Friday January 15th

Man, Ocean Alley just sprung up out of nowhere didn’t they. The band had an enormous 2015 which was recently capped off with a massive performance at Lost Paradise. They are bringing their magnetic live show to the east coast of Australia which is kicking off in earnest this week. Be sure to witness plenty of loose times and banging tracks from their In Purple EP.

Fierce Mild – Bearded Lady, Brisbane Friday, January 15th

If the upbeat, reggae infused psych of Ocean Alley isn’t really your dig, head over and see Fierce Mild get spacious as the smash through their In Search of Lost Time tour. Pink Floyd vibes galore, these cinematic space wizards put on one hell of a show. Catch them at round off the tour in Brissy alongside In Caves, Post Dream and Wolver.

Holy Holy – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, Friday January 15th

This is one of the must-see tours this month. Holy Holy are one of the biggest acts in Australia right now and they’ve proved it time and time again. They band are fresh off a massive European tour where they impressed audiences with When The Storms Would Come, their incredible new record, and now it’s our turn. Olympia and Montreal natives, The Franklin Electric, will both be joining Holy Holy in Sydney too!

Tomorrow’s People with Kilter, Dylan Joel, E^ST and UV Boi – Wrangler Studios, Saturday January 16th

If you are underage and sick to death of not being able to see your favourite bands live, then you should be thanking the devil that the Tomorrow’s People exists. All ages, drugs and alcohol free – this is the best way to kick off your long career in gigging without risking getting your fake ID taken. Such a solid lineup too!

If you’re after more gigs, check out our gig guide for the best in your city this week!