Stephen Fitzgerald sets fire to the sound waves with debut single

Stephen Fitzgerald, singer/songwriter from the Hills District, releases debut single bursting with cathartic nostalgia and heart.

There is nothing more hard hitting than an artist that pours their soul in the grooves of a rhythm, Stephen Fitzgerald does exactly that.

The 26-year-old Sydney artist releases his debut, You’re Doing Fine Without Mea heartfelt acoustic drip into the abyss of a lost time.

Stephen Fitzgerald
Photograph by Giemzed

Recorded, mixed and mastered in his bedroom, every corner of this track drips with sincerity and rawness. Fitzgerald swirls in a soothing soundscape of intricate acoustic riffs and honey vocals.

You’re Doing Fine Without Me pulls you in like the tide, wrapping the ocean around your feet and consuming you with a story that hits close to home. The artist wrote the lyrics about closure towards a relationship that began during a 2019 overseas trip.

“I didn’t want to reach out to her and open up old wounds… so my sister recommended writing down everything on my mind and what I would say to her, burning the paper as a final step to leave it all behind me and move on” he explains.


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What glistens about Fitzgerald is his sheer fearlessness, it shimmers with each lyric as he sings in the chorus; “words on pages I set alight, the flames evaporate my tears” a visual image that echoes on the album cover.

What set Fitzgerald on the path of music is anything but ordinary. The artist, having no song-making background until a few years ago, decided to quit his full-time corporate job, travel the world,  and study an audio engineering degree.

What bloomed from the cracking of the ‘stability versus passion’ conflict is a level of freedom and ease that flows within the track. Fitzgerald is doing what he loves and it shows – and there is no stopping a creative who knows what they need to do, and does it.

Check out Stephen Fitzgerald’s debut; You’re Doing Fine Without Me below: