Stephen King spills the name of the only film he’s ever walked out of

Stephen King candidly shares the name of the only movie he has ever walked out of. And if you are wondering if it’s one of his, no it’s not.

Our favourite writer of horror Stephen King took to Twitter this morning to respond to a tweet by author Linwood Barclay. After Barclay revealed that he hated the recently released Jurassic World Dominion so much he had to leave the cinema, King weighed in to share the name of the only film that made him do the same. 

Instead of just leaving it as a comment, King went above and beyond, and posed the question, what film have you walked out of? The answers came in thick and strong.

transformers stephen king
Credit: Street Muscle

The Twitter world it seems is more than happy to share their personal take on what they love or in this case, dont love, and a wave of films that range from the obvious shockers to some surprising cult classics hit the comments  – albeit this is very personal, and obviously something we can’t all agree on – Michale Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which made the list a couple of times, alongside Godfather 3, The Scarlett Letter starring Demi Moore, and Quentin Tarantino’s Natural Born Killers.

But the one I guess that everyone was most interested in was Stephen King, which just happens to be Transformers, By Michael Bay. Sorry, Michael, it looks like in King’s mind, you made a stinker of a film.

King wrote: “I have walked out of only one movie as an adult: TRANSFORMERS.”

When his fans asked if he meant the 1986 cartoon version, King clarified it was “the first one” in the franchise.