Studio Ghibli are selling the world’s most adorable shopping bags

Grab out your pocket money immediately! Studio Ghibli have just released a brand new line of eco-friendly shopping bags, complete with a little plushy character that sits on your shoulder as you shop.

There’s a whole array of adorable characters to choose from; including the chubby mouse and tiny bird from Spirited Away, and Teto the fox squirrel from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

studio ghibli
Photo: Studio Ghibli

Trust us, this is the most important headline you’ll see today: Studio Ghibli have just dropped the most delightful shopping bags to ever exist! Who doesn’t want to run through Coles with a whimsical plushy on their shoulder?

As can be seen in Diagram A, each little character is shown sitting on their own seat or stool of some kind. These seats actually serve as the pocket which the bag compacts into, providing a functional and adorable alternative to a plastic bag.

Like most bags, these Ghibli treasures are a bit more on the expensive side: retailing for 2,800 yen ($37.69 AUD). However, in my humble opinion, it may be the best $40 you spend in your entire life. Unfortunately, Japan’s Donguri Kyowakoku store are currently sold out of the whimsical bags, but will be back on the stock train “from 12pm (JST) on Monday, July 13th.” 

While you’re waiting for your shipment to arrive, you could always take a virtual tour of Tokyo’s elusive Ghibli museum. Or maybe listen to the studio’s entire discography on Spotify?

Check out the Spirited Away plushy bag here. For the Nausicaä version, click here.