Suburban ruptures and unsettles the psyche with ‘Mania, Mania’

Universally hard-hitting Sydney artist, Suburban, unleashes a manic single, Mania, Mania ahead of his debut feature film release.

Spurting from the echoes of a dark past, artist Suburban cracks open the jet-black corners of the mind with new single Mania, Mania, an unsettling tune centred around the challenges in mental health.

The illuminatingly dark tune has appeared ahead of Suburban’s upcoming feature film, S]LEEP
[A]LL [D]AY, [F]EAST [U]PON [N]IGHTset for release on July 1st.


There is nothing ordinary about Suburban, experiencing homelessness at the age of 16 and having to pass through different households growing up.

The fluidity of his upbringing has undoubtedly sharpened his skills, flowing through genres with a universal magnet that roars to listeners no matter where their music taste lies.

Mania, Mania is a reflection into the shadowed lagoon of Suburban’s songwriting skills – anchoring the challenges of his year-long battle with bipolar and insomnia that ended in a mental ward.

The track seeps through the cracks of lunacy, a haunted lullaby trickling down the spine and spiking the nerves. Suburban’s hard-hitting vocals etch deep within the psyche; a window into the mania that will inevitably follow in his upcoming film.


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“Mania, Mania is an embodiment of the second half of the film; the unbridled adrenaline boost that mania itself brings, which on the surface seems like a faux-armour of confidence, but has a dangerous darkness that lurks beneath the veneer and precipitates a predictable demise” Suburban reveals.

The track holds nothing back in unveiling what is hidden behind the curtain of lunacy, staying intoxicated in a desperate latch to false sanity.

We can only assume that Suburban’s work will continue to hypnotise audiences with its rawness and unsettling soundscapes. There is something enticing about Suburban and his artistic ability to tap into the manic parts of the mind.

Keep one eye open for Suburban’s upcoming film, S]LEEP [A]LL [D]AY, [F]EAST [U]PON [N]IGHT, and hold on to every thread of your sanity when you dive into Mania, Mania.