Sufjan Stevens pens an open letter in celebration of Pride Month

Sufjan Stevens has blessed us all with a lil old love letter chocked full of meaningful lessons.

To celebrate Pride Month, he’s released a new song Love Yourself and reminded us about the importance of self-love in these tumultuous times.

“This is our calling as well: to be human again. To have awareness without shame, we must undo everything the world has told us about our worth. We must go back to the beginning. We must be born again. We must be, and know, and love ourselves.”

It is a powerful and at times existential read that urges us to focus on self-love because as RuPaul wisely states “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Stevens hits the mark in his letter. The world does still shame people for their sexuality, religion, education and skin and it’s time humanity did a little more soul searching and a little less judging.

“To love yourself, you must know yourself. And to know yourself, you must love yourself. Love then is a sublime and universal understanding of self and of others. Love is a discipline of one’s own self-consciousness. Love is beautiful. Love is just.”

So go get your loving on and give Sufjan Stevens’ letter a read here.