Supathick unleash striking electro-pop EP, ‘IN THE THICK OF IT’

Perth-hailing collective, Supathick deliver a sharp, colourful, funky, electro-pop-infused sophomore EP, IN THE THICK OF IT.

Supathick return with their highly-anticipated sophomore EP, IN THE THICK OF IT. Brilliantly fusing electro-pop with dashes of funk groove, hints of R&B, and an overarching love for fresh and sharp pop sensibilities, the dynamic six-piece showcase a new creative peak through this four-track collection, drawing from new influences while refining the ones that helped shape their stellar catalog to date.

Crafted around Christian Zappia’s natural songwriting skills, Keely Brittain’s captivating vocals, and the instrumental talents of Harry Johnston, Trevor Stockton, Josh Wright and Regan Dale, Supathick deliver their most vibrant, melodious, dynamic and deftly-produced tracks yet: “We had a much longer time to record these songs this time round, and I think each song has a little more depth because of that,” says Zappia. 

Credit: Facebook @supathicksupathick

A striking follow-up to their debut EP, Dinner and a Film in 2020, Supathick returned to Perth’s Tone City Recording Studio during the making of IN THE THICK OF IT, and worked with longtime collaborator/producer, Sam Ford (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND, Birds of Tokyo, Art vs. Science).

The final result is a glistening record of music that demonstrates the evolution of Supathick from their breakthrough sounds in 2020 on the likes of I’m There and 100 Miles, through to the finessed and forward-thinking ambition of Healin’ and Own My Mind this year: “We had a bunch of fun blending live and programmed drums, and venturing into that slightly more sparkly, HIFI world with Sam Ford from Tone City,” explains Zappia.

Credit: Daniel Hildebrand

Featuring the vibrant, energetic singles Love Back and Own My Mind launched earlier this year, the EP introduces two new dazzling tunes, Little Bit More and Healin’ featuring Al Whiteman. Thematically about love, relationships and self-awareness, they take you on a vivid journey as Zappia navigates his way through some unique experiences, against an undeniably-infectious soundtrack.

Speaking on the tracks, Zappia says: Healin’, ‘Love Back’ and ‘Own My Mind’ are all love songs to an extent but differ in the angle they take, and ‘Little Bit More’ is more of a reflective track I wrote after a talk with my Dad. He told me when John D Rockefeller was asked, ‘How much money is enough money?’ he answered with, ‘Just a little bit more’. And that guy was filthy rich. So it’s kinda a slow-down-and-smell-the-flowers type vibe.”

Credit: Facebook @supathicksupathick

He continues, “This second EP, for me, is really about learning to trust my own instincts musically and creatively. Each song lives in its own world and has its own colours, which I think happened more naturally than intentionally.”

Since emerging on the scene in early 2020, Supathick have risen from strength to strength. Their sharp ear for melody, dynamic mixture of sounds and rhythmically enticing tracks have garnered them over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, nearly 20,000 monthly channel views on YouTube, and a performance history that has seen them excel as headliners and supports for artists including Ocean Alley, The Veronicas, Spacey Jane, Great Gable and The Babe Rainbow.

Credit: Sam Hayes

IN THE THICK OF IT weaves its own tapestry, while keeping the core sonic identity featured on previous Supathick material very much alive.

Stream the new EP via Spotify below.