We’ve rounded up all the best ads from this year’s Super Bowl

If you’re like me and didn’t watch the Super Bowl yesterday because you were at work moaning at your desk and pretending to be productive, here is an uncomprehensive list of this year’s grossly expensive advertisements featuring many a spoiler.

Here’s who won the game.

Super bowl
Image: Steve Mitchell

This year’s Super Bowl has brought us an odd selection of high-budget advertisements.


Heineken’s James Bond goose chase features Daniel Craig and the words “Once James Bond, always James Bond.” Boy, it must SUCK having that stigma attached to you. Suave old dodger.


This one nearly made me cry, hence I will not be discussing it.


Microsoft gave all the glory to Katie Sowers, the first female coach in the Super Bowl, which is a big heck yes for empowering women.


What the shit, Snickers. I’m all for a musical number but definitely not this one.


Sodastream find water on Mars and do not believe everything you see on the internet! Also, Bill Nye the Science Guy is in it.

Mountain Dew

Ripping off Jack Nicholson’s axe scene in the shining, Mountain Dew have taken a horror approach for whatever reason…


This one stars Ellen not in an armchair. Wack. Amazon examines what life was like before the inauguration of the voice-controlled speaker, Alexa. It’s a hilarious browse through various time periods, highlighting our need for immediate solutions.


Pringles have now entered the Rick and Morty universe and all the alternate universes inside. It’s chaotic and mad, poking fun at all the new flavours Pringles has released.


Scientology is apparently alive and well, and this awful cult propaganda will help you “to rediscover the human soul.”


Bill Murray is a treasure and that’s all that matters.