Supershy: Tom Misch steps into dance music with confident club single

Supershy is the new dance music project from soul/jazz chameleon Tom Misch. And judging by his second release, it’s one to keep an eye on.

Supershy isn’t the first term that popped into my head after tuning into the latest set of tracks from Tom Misch. Because quite frankly, there isn’t anything shy about the release at all. From the assertive and particular production, which somehow manages to capture the magical dust of ’70s disco, to the great playing, it reeks of confidence.

It only takes a moment listening to Tom Misch’s music to clock his fascination with music that makes you move. His career to date has seen him explore the shared territory of jazz, funk, soul and pop – sometimes within a single song.

supershy change take my time
Image: Supershy / AWAL

Supershy takes that fascination, along with Misch’s musical chops, and concentrates it into a distilled, yet open, interpretation of dance music. Change/Take My Time release is a set of singles, suggesting it belongs on vinyl, and deserves to be played loud at the club. And yes, it has most certainly been designed to get people moving.

Side B of the Supershy release is Take My Time (feat. Vula) and, while it takes its time building its disco groove, it eventually unleashes the undeniable club euphoria vibe it hints at from the start. It’s dance music for those with a bit of patience and a joint in their back pocket.


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Side A is equally as impressive, although a significant departure from its sister track. Change features a fantastic vocal performance from Nigerian soul singer Wayne Snow, and Misch wisely leaves plenty of room to let it shine.

There’s a rumbling house beat, accompanied by a thick bassline, that courses through the majority of the track and it’s my sneaking suspicion that few listeners will be able to tear themselves away from it until it reaches its natural conclusion.

Which, in hindsight, is actually a perfect summary of my feelings about this Supershy release; it’s difficult to stop the music when your head won’t stop nodding along approvingly.

Change/ Take My Time is out now through AWAL. Click here to buy/stream the new release from Supershy.