PREMIERE: Superswan treats fans to new video for ‘Sweet Hearts in Love’

Geelong psychedelic pop artist Superswan has followed up the release of his debut album with the dreamy new video for single Sweet Hearts in Love.

It’s been six months since Superswan dropped his debut record When You Can’t Feel The Love Tonight, but the video to accompany the third and final single from the album, Sweet Hearts in Love, was well worth the wait.

The trippy, vintage framed video pairs beautifully with the melodically shimmering track, tapping into ’70s aesthetics through an underlying sense of freedom.

Superswan artist

Đurđica Bošković and Nemanja Bajagić, the clip was filmed in Serbia over the course of 2021, capturing candid footage of Superswan AKA Sam Perry, and some of his closest friends Aleksandra Tomić, Nikola Hajduković, and Laura Ferrero.

The video is a depiction of four friends in love, stylised with washed out colours and lagging footage of surreal picnic lunches by the water, and evenings playing pool.

Following the release of the video for Sweet Hearts in Love, Superswan will release a new single each month, with the dystopian psych-rock track Teknospell kicking things off.

Teknospell will also be accompanied by a music video, but in this instance, the clip will be a compilation of twisted AI-generated images that follow the lyrics of the song.

Watch the music video for Sweet Hearts in Love below.