SwiftBoi shows everyone who’s boss with The Bad Guy

Within days of its release, SwiftBoi’s latest single The Bad Guy had garnered attention on radiowaves nationwide. It’s no surprise, really; having been gracing stages since the tender age of twelve, SwiftBoi is confident expressing herself and pulling a crowd.

The Bad Guy is an unapologetic anthem targeted at the masses calling for respect, adversity and self-love in the wake of years of bullying and abuse.

Photo by Neil Sura

The Bad Guy is SwiftBoi’s inspiring call-to-arms for anyone who’s ever felt alienated, bullied and oppressed for being different.

SwiftBoi escaped a turbulent home life to pursue a career in music at the tender age of 16. She arrived in Melbourne in 2015 and began freestyling in the city’s hip-hop circuit almost immediately. By 2017 SwiftBoi had produced her first solo hip-hop album, HONEY TRAP. In late 2017 she fell in love with Sydney’s hip-hop culture and soon after relocated. She soon linked up with new producer BIG JORDY and began working on her sophomore album Hectoplasm. The Bad Guy is the album’s first single. It’s raucous, confident and powerful; an inspiring call-to-arms for others who’ve felt alienated, bullied and oppressed for being different.

“The song itself is about self-defence against bullies and bad people, both physically and emotionally. I grew up in a small mining town, [and] being the only artistic kid and being biracial and bisexual I experienced a lot of violence because of that.”

“I didn’t wanna bum anyone out, I just wanted to make people laugh and dance and feel a bit less alone, I guess. People always tell me my song is so inspiring and they like to crank it on Fridays on the way home or to work and I find that SO surprising since it talks very clearly about a time when I was very vulnerable as a child.”

The Bad Guy is the first single from SwiftBoi’s sophomore two-part album Hectoplasm. With six more songs dropping throughout January, we know this album is going to explode. With a Mia Wallace/Scarface-esque aesthetic, the clip for The Bad Guy is just as strong as the song itself. Check it out below:

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