Tropical Strength’s Little Saint Nick is a Christmas miracle

Christmas has come early this year with another incredible seasonal cover from Al Foil and Sir Dinsington, the brother duo that makes up Tropical Strength.

Photo credit: Riccardo Quirke

The holiday season is upon us! Celebrate with a Christmas cover of The Beach Boys’ Little Saint Nick by the brother duo behind Tropical Strength.

Paying homage to The Beach Boys, the Strength have covered their seminal Christmas cheer Little Saint Nick, but have given it a touch of the band’s signature eerie feel.

In the words of frontman Al Foil:

“Christmas has always played an important part in the Strength. We are always trying to evoke a sense of childhood in our music, and Christmas is a nostalgic time of year for adults and a magical time for kids. Naturally, we are both drawn to it. Sir Dinsington and Dane (Taylor, of Shining Bird) showed me The Beach Boys’ Christmas album a few years back and I became obsessed.”

“I’m super into The Beach Boys and this record in particular. I loved it so much that I wanted more than to just hear the song. I started trying to replicate it but with a more ghostly feel, just so I could make it my own. It was super annoying to cover at first because Beach Boys’ songs are always really complex, but after Sir Dinsington and I worked on it for a long time and got my friend Luke Spook to lay down some harmonies it began to fall together.”

So here it is, a flavoursome Strength rendition of Little Saint Nick. Merry Strengthmas!

Last year Tropical Strength released not one, but two Christmas songs to add to holiday playlists. Perhaps by this time next year, they’ll have a whole holiday album under their belt.

Tropical Strength’s debut album Zutti was released via Farmer and The Owl in May.