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‘Rocky’ legend Sylvester Stallone turns 76

Sylvester Stallone, the legend behind Rocky, has turned 76. Although Rocky is one of his best-known and loved films/screenplays, Stallone actually has a further 23 accredited scripts under his belt.

 Stallone has forged an impressive screenwriting carer for himself, starting with his first breakthrough film, Rambo, he followed up with the Dolly Parton classic, Rhinestone, and has co-writing credits for Rambo, and Cliffhanger. Quietly making him one of the most successful actors/screenwriters in America.

Rocky is considered by many to be one of the best-made sports movies ever made, there is a little-known fact about the man behind the film, Stallone wrote this movie when he was broke and struggling to make it as an actor. He knew that he had an excellent idea for a story within his own life, but no one wanted a script for a movie about a struggling actor, so he famously switched to a struggling boxer, and the rest is cinematic history. 

rocky film
Credit: KWS

Rocky is a very well-crafted story that shows the growth of a struggling boxer trying to overcome the odds that are stacked against him. Stallone brings the character’s flaws beautifully to the surface, bringing out of the character something we can all recognise in ourselves. Stallone bought out this in himself. We all love a good winning against all odds kind of story, and Rocky is one of the best.

Although he didn’t actually win against Apollo Creed in the first film, this in its own way makes it a more compelling and honest work. Having Rocky lose their match, provided room for character growth, instilling in the film a much-needed humility, and indeed preparing the ground for a second movie. Rocky is one of the most heartwarming, relatable, and timeless movies of all time, and we take our hats off sir. Happy Birthday.