Taipei City is gearing up for the Summer Universaide with some pretty epic train takeovers

Taiwan has its commuters geared up for The 2017 Summer Universiade with some pretty fancy design work on their public transport system.

The Universiade is the second largest global sporting event after the Olympics and is to be hosted in Taipei City this coming August.


Taiwan’s Mass Rapid Transport System did a bit of elf work in the middle of the night and transformed their carriages into mini sporting venues for the people of the city.

A smash success, people have been going wild online, sharing their trips on the train featuring the impressive installation.

The train system features a basketball court, swimming pool, soccer field and running track. As any good person would, the residents of Taipei City have been taking it upon themselves to act out their sporting fantasies, even if it is between home and the office.

It’s something which is better seen to be understood, so check out the pictures here.

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