Taylor Swift announces plans to write and direct a feature film

At the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend, Taylor Swift revealed her goal to write and direct a “fantastic” full-length film.

Since creating a “cinematic universe” around the extended version of her renowned single, All Too Well in 2021, Taylor Swift has felt compelled to dive deeper into filmmaking.

During a 30-minute talk with Mike Mills at the Tribeca Film Festival, the global songstress declared she would “love to” write and direct a feature film.

Credit: Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

“It would be so fantastic to write and direct something,” she said.

Discussing how she broke into the world of directing through music videos like Willow, Cardigan and The Man, Taylor revealed that those experiences ultimately led to the development of her acclaimed project, All Too Well: The Short Film, which premiered in November last year.

Now, as it turns out, the singer’s directorial ambitions go far beyond music videos alone. She’s announced her desire to delve into the world of full-length films, starting with a thematically-similar project to All Too Well. 

During her conversation with Mills, Swift also revealed that her motivation to launch into directing came from the fact that she “wasn’t able to own” her work, referring to the seizure of her master recordings by a Label in 2020, after which she re-recorded many of her legendary hits.

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Though she didn’t reveal any specific details on an impending film project during the festival, the award-winning starlet did treat her fans to a surprise live performance of All Too Well (10 Minute Version).

Check it out below.