‘Minecraft’ Youtuber raises over $300,000 for cancer research in under 4 hours

Minecraft content creator Technoblade, with help from his community of fans, raised over $300,000 during his cancer research fundraiser in the weekend.

Technoblade’s cancer research fundraiser blew past its initial $250,000 milestone around two hours after Technoblade had gone live. By the end of the charity stream, viewers had managed to raise over $300,000 for cancer research.

Well-known for his prowess in Minecraft PvP content, news of Technoblade’s cancer diagnosis came as a shock to the game’s online community. After receiving an outpouring of support from fans and fellow creators, the streamer and content creator decided to start his own fundraiser for Sarcoma research specifically, with viewers given the opportunity to donate to the cause while assisting or sabotaging him as he attempts to finish a Minecraft run.

Image: Technoblade

Rewards included donating a random item to Technoblade, spawning a tamed wolf to fight alongside him, spawning TNT next to him, and spawning a Wither – chaos for a good cause.

The fundraiser had raised over $10,000 USD before the stream had even begun, and donations were coming in so fast in the beginning of the stream that Technoblade had trouble even playing the game with the sheer number of mobs spawning around him, not to mention the frequent chime of the donation sounds.

The fundraiser reached its first milestone in under 15 minutes, marking the guest appearance of im a squid kid, Technoblade’s former rival from his Potato Wars series.

Other guest appearances included Ph1LzA, Wilbur Soot, Ranboo, and TommyInnit, who joined the game as ‘hunters’ in order to make things even more difficult for Technoblade.

While the stream may be over, the fundraiser is still ongoing. You can donate here, and watch the stream VOD here.