Teenager donates car to flood victim after saving up for two years

A victim of the NSW floods was left in tears after a 17-year-old donated his car that he had spent years saving for.

It’s lunchtime on Tuesday, so you’ve probably already cried in the car on your way to work three times already this week, but prepare yourself for a few more salty bois because this is wholesome as heck.

Harry Ledger, a 17-year-old (and complete legend) from Kiama, handed his keys over to a Kingscliff resident who lost his home in the recent floods across northern NSW.

Lismore flood
Dylan Simpson was overwhelmed when Harry Ledger donated his car | Credit: Natasha Shearer

Dylan Simpson has been couch surfing since the house he rented was damaged beyond repair, losing most of his belongings, including his car.

The Kingscliff local has been cycling to work every day since the floods, so he was in shock when Ledger offered up his car.

The 17-year-old and his family had been helping out in Northern NSW to aid recovery from the floods, donating their time and $3,000 on top of Harry’s car.

They surprised Simpson with the car in reality-TV worthy fashion, telling him “they had a few things for him in the car,” but once they were outside, Harry just handed him the keys.

“He cried, he couldn’t believe it,” said Natasha Shearer, who helped organise the donation. “He was very, very appreciative and in shock.”

Ledger had been working hard, doing odd jobs for the last two years to save up for the car which he had only bought four months ago.

“When we’d heard and saw everything that was happening up there we decided one weekend we would go up there and help out,” he said.

The year 12 student has no regrets, explaining, “When you really look and understand what’s happening there and the devastation … it seems like it’s the least you can do.”

Love when a 17-year-old does more to help than your entire government.