Watch this wholesome as heck mum interrupt her son’s news report to say hi

The cutest video has surfaced from the US after a journalist’s mum spotted him filming a news report and pulled over to say hi.

ABC 6 reporter Myles Harris was busy workin’ hard to make a livin’, when a surprise visitor drove past the location he was preparing to film a news report.

His mum Sandy came rolling down the street, catching the reporter’s attention who straight away knew what was about to go down.

Credit: Twitter/WSYX ABC 6

He (fondly) shakes his head and gives her the “WTF are you doing mum” look, turning to the camera to explain, “It’s my mom”.

Sandy greets her son by yelling “hi baby!” out the window of the car, which unsheathes an absolute cackle from someone behind the camera.

We’re guessing someone called DeAngelo was responsible for the cackle, because Miles introduces him to Sandy.

“Hi DeAngelo!” she screams, while waving out the window as if she’s part of a motorcade.

Miles then politely tells his mum to get a wriggle on. He says, “Don’t be holding up traffic because you got cars behind you.”

At this point Sandy realises that her work here is done, blows a quick kiss and then scoots off.

Watch the extremely cute exchange below.

Honestly, we’d love to see the news network bring Sandy in for a regular segment. We don’t care what that segment is, but it NEEDS to happen.