These are the ‘world’s cutest sheep’ according to an annual shepherd festival

Native to Switzerland, the Valais Blacknose sheep have been dubbed the “cutest in the world” – and it’s not hard to see why.

Known for their fluffy coats and friendliness toward locals, these sheep are considered icons in the Valais Canton region of Switzerland. So it’s no surprise that they were granted the World’s Cutest Sheep Breed award at this year’s Shepherd Festival.

Held annually in the town of Leukerbad, the Shepherd Festival is a one-day celebration that attracts both local and international guests who take part in cultural activities and witness an award ceremony held for the best-looking sheep.

Valais Blacknose Sheep in Switzerland
Credit: Kingdom TV

The Valais Blacknose sheep originate from the mountainous state of Valais. Their thick fluffy coats protect them against the harsh Swiss winters.

Credit: Kingdom TV

Originally raised for their wool, these sheep quickly became a favourite among locals; not only for their obvious cuteness but also for their good temperament which sets them apart from other breeds. That’s why people all over the world have now adopted these sheep as pets.

Credit: Kingdom TV

These adorable animals are highly sought-after, especially in the U.S., Their global population is estimated to be around 19,000, which formally makes them a rare breed of sheep.

Credit: Kingdom TV

Check out this video of the cutest sheep in the world!