Road tested, locked, and loaded: TEN12 take us through ‘The Singularity’

TEN12 is ready to take you on a musical journey that’s slower, heavier, and more conceptual than ever before.

Recorded by the one and only Cameron Smith at Incremental Records, and masterfully mastered by the wizard Matthew Gray, this four-track EP marks a new chapter in TEN12‘s creative evolution.

They’ve gone from classic rock inflections to alternative rock influences, which is like going from sipping lemonade to chugging hot sauce. Spicy, my friends.


Now, ‘The Singularity’ isn’t just your average EP. It’s a concept album that tackles everything from the real world to fantasy fictional worlds and everything in between.

These guys are like musical philosophers, pondering the mysteries of the universe while riffing on their guitars.

‘The Singularity’ symbolizes the death of a star, or in this case, an era of music. It’s like when your favorite pair of jeans finally gives up the ghost and you’re left with a black hole in your closet.

But fear not, because TEN12 brings the singularity of endless possibilities to fill that void. They draw on the musical eras of yore to give birth to a new generation of rock music. It’s like a rock ‘n’ roll time machine, and they’re the Doc Browns of the music scene.

“We wanted to bring something new to the table. A sound that would take advantage of our already situated classic rock roots but at the same time, adding a branch of mysterious emotion that comes from a place we are only just beginning to experience.” – Jack Bruce

To bring their vision of ‘The Singularity’ to life, TEN12 has collaborated with local artist Luca Masnata, who’s turned their wild musical musings into vivid artwork.

This swirling psychedelic representation is a pairing from heaven for the alternative outfit, and stands as a reminder of how collaboration serves to develop a holistic message.

And hold on to your drumsticks because TEN12 is hitting the stage at The Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane. That’s right, folks, they’re going live and loud, ready to blow your minds and eardrums with their united take on rock music.

Liam Borke on lead vocals, Jack Bruce on guitar, Ethan Clark on bass guitar, and Luke Cosier on drums are here to rock your socks off. Just make sure you’re wearing clean socks, folks. Nobody likes smelly feet at a rock concert. Get your tickets here!

So buckle up and get ready for the evolution of sound. TEN12 is here to show you that music can be heavy, hilarious, and thought-provoking all at once.

‘The Singularity’ EP is the culmination of their creative exploration, capturing their essence like a firefly in a jar. It’s fresh, it’s epic, and it’s waiting for your eager ears.

Follow along as TEN12 dive into ‘The Singularity’:


Track One: ‘Whiskey in a Smoky Room’

Derived from the tales of life after death, ‘Whiskey in a Smoky Room’ is best described as a melting pot of influences.

The song takes the best from a large range of rock genres, combining a classic rock structure with alternative rock sounds and touches of psychedelic rock influences throughout.

This track feels like an end goal of a sound we were chasing through a lot of song writing sessions during lockdown, and the recorded version sounding like a perfect middle ground to our live performance.

We really love this track.

Track Two: ‘Light my Flame’

This track portrays the heart of TEN12 and was our first attempt at writing something a bit heavier and more alternative than our initial classic rock-tinged sound.

We released it as a demo halfway through 2020 before we ever played it live. Quickly becoming our highlight of the set at the time, it’s evolved as a song as we’ve road tested it through all sorts of venues.

This recording is one of our favourites, capturing a raw and heavier side to TEN12 and it feels like Liam has really nailed what he wants for the vocals. The lyrics in LMF explore the challenges faced day-to-day as a young adult, while leaving meaning in the air for anyone to grab.

It’s your song, whatever you want it to be.


Track Three: ‘Love Looks’

We wrote this track around the same time as ‘Whiskey’ with Jack and Liam presenting the band with a fully-fledged song that would later give us the chance to experiment with wider textures to our “norm”.

Derived from the band’s interpretation of ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by Shakespeare, ‘Love Looks’ incorporates a synth orchestral piece that sends listeners to a mind-bending and dreamlike world.

We wanted to expand our tonal palette by bringing acoustic instrumentation, mellotron strings and a heavy focus on instrumentation and textures to create sounds that may seem out of the ordinary for a rock band.

If you listen closely, you’ll hear direct quoting from Shakespeare, “Love Looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”

Track Four: ‘Dirty Woman’

Similar too ‘Light My Flame’ this song is a refined sound of our previous years as a band, with Liam and Luke writing it back in 2019.

‘Dirty Woman’ is by far our most classic rock sounding and has proven to be a crowd favourite since its live debut. We knew we had to get this track onto this EP because if we didn’t record it now, we probably never would.

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