Teresa Green releases hip swaying single ‘Shake Like The Phasmid’

Shake Like The Phasmid is psychedelic rock outfit, Teresa Green’s latest groovy tune to kickstart the summer.

Hailing from Sydney’s Inner West is Teresa Green, which is a band that comprises six individuals, who came together to create an innovative sonic experience, striving to build a community where art can provide a vocal aid for human rights and environmental action.

Teresa Green, despite their psychedelic progressive rock sound, are a band not pigeonholing themselves into one genre. They blend their love for genres like jazz, folk, pop, punk and metal into their music, and there’s no better way to express their love for genre-breaking sounds than by showcasing that in their newest single, Shake Like The Phasmid

Teresa Green
Credit: Press

Shake Like The Phasmid is Teresa Green’s second single, which showcases them channeling their live energy into the track, filling it with fun and their modern take on the bluesy classical sound.

They incorporate their well-known and loved harmonies, with a powerful lead vocal performance that will have you in awe.

Teresa Green
Credit: Press

Shake Like The Phasmid is designed to be THE track this summer that everyone can sing along to. With the beautiful melodic textures of the harmonica and rich keys, it is a track that has an undeniable groove to it that will instantly have your hips swaying. The track is absolutely infectious and will have you reaching for the repeat button the second before it ends, with a meticulously constructed chorus that has a stunning build-up of instrumentation and powerful vocals that leaves you hanging onto every last note.

Teresa Green is a band that you will want to keep an eye on – especially for their next live performance where you can get down and Shake Like The Phasmid alongside the band. Stream the new single via Spotify below and get your groove on!