Engineering The Sound: Chandler Limited TG Microphone Type L

The sonic legacy that is Chandler Limited’s TG Microphone Type L – quietly – or not so quietly redefining studio excellence

Quietly, yet distinctly, reshaping the landscape of studio excellence, the Chandler Limited TG Microphone Type L emerges as the latest gem in the lineage of audio craftsmanship.

Today, our focus turns to the new TG Microphone Type L by Chandler Limited. This cardioid, large-diaphragm condenser microphone seamlessly continues the legacy set by its predecessor, the ‘TG Microphone.’

Wade Goeke, the hands and mind behind Chandler Limited, began crafting his own versions of equipment from the renowned Abbey Road studios, formerly EMI studios.

This was the same studio that gained fame through a little underground band known as The Beatles.

Impressed by Goeke’s work, Abbey Road entrusted him to manufacture and develop official equipment for both EMI Abbey Road studios and The Gramophone Company.

Chandler Limited meticulously crafts gear with the aim of faithfully recreating the classic Abbey Road audio equipment to its original specifications.

chandler mic l engieering the sound

Enter the TG Microphone Type L, the newest addition to the EMI Abbey Road Studios lineup.

Boasting the identical core circuitry, capsule, and the innovative ‘Dual Tone System’ as its predecessor, the TG Microphone, this system allows users to switch between voicing A and voicing B via a simple switch on the microphone’s side.

chandler mic review

This switch alters the microphone’s input stage, and alongside it, you’ll discover a 10dB pad.

Beth Jackson lent her vocals to the track “Skaties,” recorded at Noise Machines, which you can check out below, where we toggled between the A and B voicings so you can discern the distinctive qualities of each.

best jackson test chandler mic l review

The TG Microphone Type L impressed us with its versatility.

Voicing A delivered the bright and present tones expected from a condenser microphone, enhancing vocals with a delightful top-end shine.

chandler mic l review

On the other hand, Voicing B offered a rounder, darker sound with subdued highs, reminiscent of a ribbon microphone.

This versatility makes it suitable not only for vintage vocal sounds but also for applications like guitar cabinets or room mics.

chnadler mic review

Coupled with a 10dB pad for handling high SPL sources, the TG Microphone Type L proves to be a versatile workhorse for any studio.

You can acquire the TG Microphone Type L now for 1599 AUD from your preferred audio store.

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To find out more about Chandler Limited’s TG Microphone Type L head over to their website.