The 5 stages of any relationship: a no bullshit playlist by The Knowgoods

The Knowgoods have just released their newest track Bitch, and its intent is pretty clear. This is a footnote on a relationship, and it doesn’t sound like things ended well.

To celebrate the release, The Knowgoods have crafted their own Spotify playlist cataloguing the five stages of a relationship, from the starry-eyed honeymoon period to, well, the end. Give it a spin below.

the knowgoods bitch spotify playlist

Bad break-up? Jam the pain away with The Knowgoods, who have crafted the perfect playlist for you to kiss that relationship goodbye.

I Saw Her Standing There / Have you ever seen something so beautiful

It’s the moment you first see them. You want to know everything about them. You fumble your way through a few sentences just so you can hold their attention.

Arabella / The only other person in the universe

They are the smartest, funniest, most beautiful person you’ve ever met. Spending time with them is like walking on a cloud.

Real Love Baby / Let’s get a pet

Things between you are so good that you want to move in together, get a dog and spend your weekends picking out new furniture for your house. Everything is perfect.

I Had a Real Good Lover / Everything’s good I guess

The things that you loved most about them now frustrate you. Conversations have been reduced to “how was your day?” and stories you’ve already heard before. You’re in a rut but it’s comfortable.

Bitch / Changes

The relationship is broken. You find any excuse to be away from them. They find any excuse to get angry at you. You finally decide it’s time to move on but they won’t let you leave without telling you everything that’s wrong with you.


Watch The Knowgoods’ new video Bitch below. It comes off their upcoming 2018 LP, which you can pre-order here.