Sunshine, sex and ’60s surf rock: Sunrose run us through their Strawberry Wine EP

Sunrose have just dropped their new EP Strawberry Wine, a woozy collection of tracks that will set your mind ablaze. It’s all the tripped-out sweetness of Byron Bay rolled into a tight little concoction, just itching to be consumed.

In case you couldn’t tell, we were fans. So we asked Sunrose to run us through the EP, one track at a time.

sunrose EP Strawberry Wine

Enter the dreamy, liquid world of Sunrose on Strawberry Wine, a EP that’s equal parts disorientating and delicious.

Into A Dream

The intro of this song was inspired by a Tony Iommi guitar solo – something powerful and captivating. It’s a more Jekyll and Hyde style of songwriting with contrasting sections; using huge anthemic riffs and lush, floating, dream-like textures. The lyrics support the mood of the song by touching on the highs and lows of life.

Takes Two

This is the first song recorded for the EP and also the fastest to progress from an idea to a finished product. Inspired by ‘60s Turkish surf rock, Takes Two journeys through a highly energetic, salt-infused track.

Recorded only a week after writing, the track captures the rawness and spontaneity that’s present when a song is first performed.

Whirlpool Whirlpool

Whirlpool is the result of experimenting in odd time signatures to create a groovy, weird vibe; lyrically paired with the acid trip of a nightmare circus in “wall to wall she’s a confused clown painted face staring out her frown”.

By using layered feedback and guitar pedals, we create a wall of sound that slowly invades the listener’s ear drums.

Road to Nowhere

“How can you travel when there’s nowhere to go” unfolds the story of being at a stand still as though you’re “moving backwards”. It morphs between Latin inspired verses, aggressive riffs and jazzy breakdowns that climax to a wild, all-out jam.

Strawberry Wine

Strawberry Wine ends the EP on a fun and uplifting note. The song is about drinking wine and having sex in the sunshine.

The flow of the dynamics and contrasting sections throughout the song set the tone while retaining an ethereal ambience, particularly with the harmonic synthesiser that builds during the outro of the song.


Sunrose are currently jetting around Australia on their Strawberry Wine EP Tour, covering the east coast across eight huge dates. Grab all the details below, and head along to the band’s Facebook page for more info.

Strawberry Wine is out now.