The best of the worst music tattoos of all time... so far

The best of the worst music tattoos of all time… so far

Since the dawn of time, there have been bad tattoos. Many a drunk reverie has led to enlightened epiphanies, or maybe, people are just dumb. Rule of thumb, if you don’t speak the language, don’t get it. Worst of all, however, is a plethora of painstakingly bad music tattoos that now litter the web and spark ebullient laughter everywhere.

You know that feeling you get after seeing a mind-blowing concert? It feels like the best and most special night of your life. You may even want some permanent reminder of its sheer awesomeness.

Trust me when I say, don’t follow through on that thought. These are the worst music tattoos on the internet.

music tattoos

From the laughably ridiculous to the downright disturbing, we want to make your day a little easier with a collection of the worst music tattoos out there.

Bob Marley

To be honest this one’s pretty scary. No Woman, No Cry takes on a whole different meaning when Bob Marley looks like this. Half man, half-fish; we hope the recipient knew what they were doing.

music tattoos


We know Drake‘s good. You may even wanna scream it from the rooftops. But this is a little much. If there are any prizes for the world’s biggest fan going around I’ve found the winner.

Avril Lavigne

There is something a little off about this Avril Lavigne tattoo but I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the fact that she looks like Chucky’s bride or she’s constantly looking up the leg of whoever the poor soul is who has to live with this.

My Chemical Romance

Okay, I conceit, this is probably my favourite. In fact, My Chemical Romance are so great that I would probably get this myself. MCR rule!

After Alex Lahey’s Like A Version and MCR’s triumphant return to the spotlight, we hope to see a lot more of these coming our way.

music tattoos


There is something simply disturbing about this interpretation of Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke. The distinctly creepy look of a nipple where someone’s eye should be is something I can’t quite scratch out of my mind.

However, despite how fucked up this tattoo actually is, I feel like Thom Yorke would be proud.

Bon Jovi

No one likes a grammar nazi but this poor soul definitely could have used one. Judging by the uniqueness of the font, however, I would wager this was a drunk home job done by a friend and for that, I’ll cut them a bit of slack. Long live Jon Bovi!

Freddie Mercury

What better way to celebrate the legacy of one of the world’s greatest performers then having them permanently drawn onto you looking like Bella Lugosi in drag.

Why are Freddie Mercury‘s lips so black? I just don’t get it.