Reckless romanticism: The Braves go gothic on their haunting new single Side By Side

We’ve come across The Braves a few times now, first on their righteous single Comedown Kid and secondly for their video clip People. The latter was nothing short of amazing, and kinda made us wish we could be friends with these Melbournites.

Over the new year they returned with their latest, a chilling single named Side By Side. Part witching hymn, part rock ballad, part ode to sullen romance, it could be our favourite yet.

the braves side by side single

Eerie, impassioned and dramatic, The Braves take on a sombre subject with Side By Side, pulling it off with unmitigated swagger.

Whereas the clip for People was heartwarming, cute and altogether smile-inducingSide By Side stands proudly at the opposite end of the spectrum. An artcore, DIY feeling wraps itself around the clip as our protagonist, a character halfway between Robert Smith and Dracula, swings around the room with abandon.

The entire tune rings with a romantic recklessness, an Alex Turner-like appeal which makes you hang onto every lyric by the nails.

Speaking of the lyrical work, it deserves praise of its own. Walking the knife’s edge between mysterious and farcical, the tales told in Side By Side are a poetry never willing to paint the full picture. And for that, the whole is made so much stronger.

The Braves have brought out their gothic side with more showmanship than ever on Side By Side. Once again, they’ve shown no fear in the face of re-invention, a trait any career artist would be a fool not to display.


The Braves are launching Side By Side at the Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood on January 20th alongside St. Morris Sinners. Grab all the details on the Facebook event.