The Chats have released a last-minute song-of-the-year contender, ‘I Hope Scott’s House Burns Down’

The Chats, widely regarded as Australian heroes, have (kind of) released a ripper of a new tune, I Hope Scott’s House Burns Down. That’s Scott Morrison they’re talking about, of course, not just any poor guy named Scott.

As the Australian Prime Minister has returned from his well-deserved family vacation to Hawaii (timed perfectly to coincide with half of our country being torn apart by uncontrollable bushfires), The Chats have serenaded his homecoming.

Aussie legends The Chats have shared a new video on Facebook, welcoming the Australian Prime Minister back from his well-timed family trip to Hawaii.

“It takes a lot of nerve to just fuck off when the whole country’s counting on you,” frontman Eamon sings in the new video. “He’s a dickwit, dipshit, dropkick clown, and that’s why I hope Scott’s house burns down.”

The band posted the video to Facebook, alongside a cheeky little ‘Merry Christmas’, and a link where people can donate to help firefighters during this bushfire crisis.

If this new tune doesn’t win the Hottest 100 this year, all hope is lost. Go vote for it here (if you can, I’m not actually sure about the rules).

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.