Love is truly dead, The Dead Love are breaking up

Sydney punk trio, The Dead Love have announced their split after over a decade: “We’ve made the very tough decision to lay TDL to rest.”

Legendary Sydney grunge-punk band, The Dead Love posted a “eulogy” on Instagram earlier this week, announcing their split after more than ten years together.

“Over 12 years TDL has been unbreakable, releasing 3 albums an EP, a bunch of other singles, videos, live performances, countless tours with so many great bands and legends met along the way and in places, we only ever dreamt we’d be playing all over the world,” wrote bassist, Clint Ossington, on behalf of the band.

dead love
Credit: Facebook @thedeadloveband

Ossington continued: “TDL made its way into people’s ears and hearts all over the globe, even when they tried to ignore us we kept going, touring off our own backs and building a loyal following all over the world, you know who you are, we see you and we thank you. But as life takes its inevitable turns and our focuses both creatively and in life have shifted over time, rather than fade away slowly we’ve made the very tough decision to lay TDL to rest.”

The Dead Love bassist concluded, “we’d like to say a HUGE thanks to everyone and anyone that’s shown us any kind of support along the way. Friends, Fans and Family we truly thank you, you’re absolutely a huge part of the reason we’ve pushed on this long.”


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While news of the band’s split is heartbreaking, they’re luckily giving us one last show to look forward to. The Dead Love are set to headline at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory on Saturday, January 21, 2023. It’s a farewell show you most certainly don’t want to miss, so grab some tickets here.