The debut single from GEORGE will have you dancing, crying and laughing

GEORGE’s debut single is a well executed throwback to 80s synth pop and rock. Lyrically however, it is concerned with issues very much centred in the now.

Handsome Girls and Pretty Boys, if you can dig below they upbeat synth groove, is a remarkably deep and thought provoking song.

Ally George

With her debut single GEORGE has unveiled the depth and multi-faceted tendencies of her songwriting, layering dance music over an exploration of gender identity.

GEORGE is one Australian artist shifting the borders of genres and styles alike; from alternate pop, to soft rock and the whirlwind sounds of synth. Drawing on influences like Wild Cherry and Prince, GEORGE concocts a sound that is sure to blow up any dance floor.

An artist seemingly nostalgic for the dance sounds of the 80’s and 90’s, we see various influences throughout the styling of GEORGE’s music, effortlessly merging with a raw tone and personal lyrics. The true artistry of GEORGE’s music, however, comes from her ability to effortlessly combine infectious, dance music with thought-provoking lyrics. Thus GEORGE will simultaneously have you dancing, crying, laughing and clapping.

Her debut single Handsome Girls and Pretty Boys is the ultimate representation of tackling feelings, ideas and expectations that exist daily on a global scale. GEORGE tactfully explores the ever fluid walls of gender identity, opting to wear whatever makes you feel good over than what fits into your traditional gender role. This examination of non-binary exploration through song is what makes the track such a remarkable feat.

Plus holy hell, there is one heck of a funky lead break in the middle which you can’t help but jive too. The chops and tight funk strumming in that solo are worthy of appraisal in and of itself.

GEORGE in essence, is an exploration of the human experience; constantly delving deep into her own reality to reflect upon the ideas of love and heartache. Combining the beautiful complexities of natural emotion with a sound that is, simply put, difficult to forget. GEORGE delivers her version of love and life, served straight from the heart. From a tough persona, comes a willingness to remain humble, and honestly GEORGE’s debut single will remind you to be unapologetically you.

Check out Handsome Girls and Pretty Boys below: