When one neck ain't enough: the Gibson 1966 Slash Doubleneck guitar
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When one neck ain’t enough: the Gibson 1966 Slash Doubleneck guitar

Gibson has revived a slice of ’60s rock with the all-new 1966 EDS-1275 Slash Doubleneck. Slash usually isn’t caught without his iconic sunburst Les Paul. Luckily, Gibson has reminded us of Slash’s other favourite axe, the Doubleneck.

In the promotional video from Gibson, Slash explains his love for the instrument as well as the incredible detail Gibson has put into this reissue. With only 125 limited hand-signed models, this one looks to be a very rare acquisition.Slash

Unleash the beast with new Slash Doubleneck guitar. Made and aged in Gibson’s Nashville custom shop, this guitar is the perfect homage to Slash’s legacy.

Slash talks about getting his hands on his first Doubleneck during the infamous Use Your Illusion tour of the early ’90s. “Adam Day my guitar tech got it for me,” states Slash. He goes on to describe how Adam showed him a black one as to not copy the famed cherry-red Doubleneck of Jimmy Page explaining “I needed a Doublenck for songs like knockin’ on heavens door which had the guitar solos with the picking in the verses”. 

Gibson has lovingly recreated this very same guitar that diversified Slash’s sound and ultimately solidified his guitar-god status. Its features include an aged ebony body with a solid mahogany neck and Indian rosewood fretboard. The Custombucker Alnico III pickups offer rich rock tone in both 12 and 6 string configurations. The aged chrome hardware keeps it locked in tight while also looking the part.


For more information visit Gibson’s website.