The Goon Sax are breaking up: “It feels like a happy ending”

The Goon Sax have announced their decision to split up after nine years via Twitter: “We’ve decided to draw the curtain on this band.”

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it looks like our fave Brisbane indie-pop outfit, The Goon Sax are calling it quits, after nearly a decade of playing together. The trio posted a joint message about their split on Twitter just yesterday.

“After nine years of giving it our everything we’ve decided to draw the curtain on this band,” they wrote.

The Goon Sax
Credit: Rick Kern / Getty Images

They continued, “our gratitude to everyone who’s been with us and allowed the madness of the last 9 years to happen is far beyond anything we can palpably express.”

This shock announcement comes shortly after the wrap-up of their international tour across North America and Europe, along with Snail Mail.

The legendary Aussie collective also had a tour of the United States booked for this August, but unfortunately, that’s also been canceled. In slightly better news, The Goon Sax have reportedly stated that they will “play one or two more shows in Australia before we finally say goodnight.”  

While their decision behind the split remains vague, they’ve expressed content with the “bittersweet” decision: “For us it feels like a happy ending. We love each other and we love you! thank you for everything,” they wrote.