Reviving Nostalgia: The Hails’ drop visualiser for ‘When You Were Bored’

The Hails ignite nostalgia with ‘When You Were Bored’ video, prepping for debut album release

SCHOOL’S OUT! The Hails are bringing back the golden days of daydreaming in the classroom with their official video for “When You Were Bored” – a carefree anthem that will transport you straight back to those carefree moments.

Directed and produced by the talented Steph Rinzler of Prophet Media, the video captures the ultimate student fantasy – taking charge, trashing the classroom, and trading the mundane for the electrifying world of rock and roll. Get ready to let the nostalgia wash over you!

Quickly becoming a fan favourite, “When You Were Bored” is just a taste of what’s to come from The Hails’ highly anticipated debut album.

Frontman Robbie Kingsley spills the beans on the video, revealing their mid-2000s influences from School of Rock and Scott Pilgrim, adding a dash of Bill Nye inspiration in Andre’s part. The result is a vibe that hits close to home and brings back the laughs.

To celebrate the album release on September 8th, The Hails will embark on their first-ever headline tour, hitting key cities on the East Coast and Midwest. Florida fans, in particular, can look forward to a special homecoming as the band returns to the infamous HighDive in Gainesville – a venue that played a pivotal role in their early formation.

Joining them on tour will be Cannibal Kids and Shallow Alcove, promising an unforgettable night of indie goodness.

The Hails are setting the indie scene ablaze with their exhilarating video and the imminent arrival of “What’s Your Motive.” Don’t miss out on their meteoric rise to stardom. Check out the full tour dates and grab your tickets now!

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