The internet is having trust issues over cakes that don’t look like cakes

Cake is the universal staple in all lives. Whether you’re a staunch chocolate or vanilla fan, there’s truly the one thing everyone can agree on: cake is the best.

If you’ve been on social media at all this week, you’ll notice a new meme has surfaced the internet, and at the crux of it all? Cake.

everything is Cake meme

Check your shoes, check your salads. The ‘everything is cake’ meme has taken over the internet and it’s driving everyone batshit crazy.

Instagram bakers have started to make cakes that look suspiciously like ordinary, everyday objects, and it’s been giving everyone trust issues. It started out innocently enough; there were Harry Potter themed ones, like the Sorting Hat or the Golden Snitch, and even ones that looked like people’s favourite pets and characters.

But in the most bizarre turn of events, bakers have started making ones that actually look like normal objects. From toilet paper to soaps to coconuts, there’s no cake they cant make.

Sound like nonsense? Check out this insane four minute compilation of ordinary objects that aren’t cakes.

Of course, the internet has gone bonkers, and the memes that are coming out are simply brilliant.

The trust issues that these cakes have given the internet is just a welcome reprieve from all the COVID memes, and honestly, if people started to discover that everything around them was cake, would it be such a big deal?