Iggy Pop’s favourite punk band The Lovely Eggs drops two cosmic singles

Theirs is a world built on their terms, a testament to the DIY ethos that defines their artistry – Welcome to Eggland

The Lovely Eggs, the UK’s psych-punk powerhouse duo, are back in the limelight with their latest cosmic creations: ‘My Mood Wave’ and ‘Memory Man’.

It’s been a whirlwind four years since their chart-topping album ‘I Am Moron,’ but these two haven’t been resting on their laurels.

Teaming up with none other than punk legend Iggy Pop on their hit single ‘I, Moron,’ they’ve also ventured into the world of television with their own series, EGGS TV, hosted on YouTube. But amidst all the chaos, they’ve found time to craft a brand new album.

Recorded straight from the heart of Lancaster and given the Midas touch by production maestro Dave Fridmann (known for his work with The Flaming Lips and Tame Impala), their latest single ‘My Mood Wave’ is a sonic voyage.

Its infectious melody, tinged with a retro West Coast vibe, has been making waves on the airwaves, garnering plays on 6 Music and Radio X.

“‘My Mood Wave’ is like a dialogue within oneself,” explains Holly, The Lovely Egg’s singer and guitarist. “It’s a mental surfboard riding the daily onslaught of life’s challenges. It’s a survival guide for those days when the world feels overwhelming.”

Accompanying this anthem of resilience is “Memory Man,” a hypnotic, pulsating beat that sets the stage for their upcoming album #7, aptly titled “Eggistentialism.”

Scheduled for release this May, the album promises a mind-bending journey through the cosmic depths of existence.

True to their fiercely independent spirit, The Lovely Eggs have carved their own path in the music industry, sans record labels, managers, or booking agents.

Theirs is a world built on their terms, a testament to the DIY ethos that defines their artistry.

“As a band, we thrive on independence. It’s our lifeblood, shaping both our existence and our music,” concludes Holly.

Listen to The Lovely Eggs below: